Poet In Chief

Stephen Watt is our Poet In Chief. He is the man that will tell the story of the Hampdens in terms of their past, present and future.

Stephen is a Scottish poet and spoken word artist. He has won various prizes including the Poetry Rivals Slam Champion and has performed widely across the UK. In 2016 he was the first ‘crime poet’ at the Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival, and his hometown team Dumbarton Football Club appointed him their Poet-in-Residence. His football accolades include winning Anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth ‘Poets and Penalties’ in 2017 and is a writer for Nutmeg magazine.

Find out more at Stephen’s Facebook Page – StephenWattSpit.

Enjoy the poems below!


THC1 - The Glory of Lions and Spiders—————————————————————————————————————————————–

TH2: Departures / Arrivals
By Stephen Watt

Departures-Arrivals v3


THC3 Stone Tape Hi-HI



THC4 Maradonan.jpg



THC5 Lesser Is More


THC6a Mount Florida Bloodline

THC6b Mount Florida Bloodline

THC6c Mount Florida Bloodline

THC6d Mount Florida Bloodline

THC6e Mount Florida Bloodline

THC6f Mount Florida Bloodline



th7 unwanted man of the match champagne