Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 58 – Post Match Report

I depart the Athens of the North on the Glasgow train. The mighty English came to conquer and instead return home with a message: Scotland is a force to be reckoned with. The titans of Scotland's Rugby Football Clubs, West of Scotland, Edinburgh Academicals, Merchistonian, Glasgow Academicals, St Andrews University and Edinburgh University, proved themselves … Continue reading Chapter 58 – Post Match Report

Chapter 56 – Rugby’s First International

A north-east breeze rolls across the ground, where 20 Scotsmen and 20 Englishmen stand proud.  “The Scottish Captain, Francis Moncrieff, hails from Edinburgh Academicals and his English counterpart, Frederick Stokes, from Blackheath F.C..”, I said to James, “Their enthusiasm is characteristic of their age; 21 and 20 years old, respectively.” The dark blue Scottish jerseys … Continue reading Chapter 56 – Rugby’s First International

Chapter 55 – Raeburn Place International

James and I leave our hotel on Princes Street and walk 10 minutes into Stockbridge. I hand him a newspaper clipping of 6 December 1870, which contained a letter signed by the Captains of West of Scotland, Edinburgh Academicals, Merchistonian, Glasgow Academicals and St Salvator. I ask James to read out the opening line. “There … Continue reading Chapter 55 – Raeburn Place International

Chapter 53 – Edinburgh’s Newest Station

Our train travels through Scotland’s lowlands of Bishopbriggs, Lenzie, Croy, Castlecary, Falkirk, Polmont, Linlithgow, Winchburgh, Ratho, Gogar, Costorphine, Haymarket and arrive in Waverley. 2 hours 30 minutes of comfort within our first class carriage. “The Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway opened in 1842, costing £1.2m and is one of Scotland’s great success stories linking our two … Continue reading Chapter 53 – Edinburgh’s Newest Station

Chapter 52 – The Business Junction

In 1865, I decided to remove an expensive middle man and build our own Print Works on Princes Street. This building is located close to the Etna Foundary on Lillybank Road and Govan’s Chemical, Brick and Gas Works. An early inspection is always a concern for my Site Manager, Alexander Campbell. His sweat is visible … Continue reading Chapter 52 – The Business Junction

Chapter 51 – The Offside Rule

I take out another commission letter and contemplate its contents. I seal in its gilt-edged envelope, which sparkles in the sunshine. I will post it tomorrow. A horde of children are playing football in the Recreation Ground, with goalposts built with old clothes and boundary lines marked by onlooking children. Nearly four years have passed … Continue reading Chapter 51 – The Offside Rule