Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 47 – Decisions, Decisons, Decisions

The journey home is filled with one important decision. In future, I will look back with perfect hindsight and decide whether I was right or not. Glasgow Town Council is building its newest transportation system and we are mapping the first route. First impressions are key to securing future contracts. In the other hand is … Continue reading Chapter 47 – Decisions, Decisons, Decisions

Chapter 46 – Map Maker’s Dream

My carriage crosses London Bridge, which people, livestock and trade have used since Roman times. The old London Bridge was Britain’s first great stone arch bridge and is forever embodied in one of my children’s favourite nursery rhymes. I am glad that it is not falling down today. This latest incarnation is called New London … Continue reading Chapter 46 – Map Maker’s Dream

Chapter 45 – Football Association AGM

I have been looking forward to this evening: three Queens Park men dining out in the first city of the Empire with a menu of Glasgow, football and family.  We step out of our carriage into a magnificent square commemorating the Navy’s greatest victory over Napoleon's fleet, off the coast of Cape Trafalgar. Nelson’s column, … Continue reading Chapter 45 – Football Association AGM

Chapter 44 – Post Match Celebration

We leave Kennington Oval with an extra bounce in our step. The might of English football quelled by the best Scots players, based in London. We are positive one day a whole team from Scotland will participate in this great fixture. Our sport is growing, for example I recently learned football clubs were established in … Continue reading Chapter 44 – Post Match Celebration

Chapter 43 – England v Scotland

Development of the railway system inspires all. The world’s first steam railway joined Liverpool with Manchester in 1830 and railway expansion has exploded since. I alight the Great Northern Railway train at London King’s Cross, where Hackney carriages line up providing further convenient transport. London is a truly mesmerising city. I head to George’s apartments, … Continue reading Chapter 43 – England v Scotland

Chapter 42 – Dean of Guild

The hall clock strikes 7 chimes. I head to the kitchen and find the stove already lit by Agnes; our Housekeeper. Our Smith & Phillips range is a workhorse, constantly supplied from the Tradeston Gas Works and exhibits our modern Victorian living.  Today’s destination is the Chambers of Commerce Hall in Virginia Street. The street … Continue reading Chapter 42 – Dean of Guild