Football Queens & Kings

Chapter 38 – Hogmanay To Remember

The cover proclaims the genius, Charles Dickens. Chapman & Hall published this wonder with illustrations from John Leech. This brown covered first edition is a gift beyond words. Inside the cover Robert has written ‘Published on 19 December 1843 and sold out by Christmas Eve. Treasure it forever my friend; as this book holds a … Continue reading Chapter 38 – Hogmanay To Remember

Chapter 37 – A Christmas Greeting

The orchestra has been exceptional. The evening is closed by our President. He asks the organising committee to stand and our efforts are warmly applauded. The moment strikes me with how much we have learned from preparing this event. My enthusiasm for Queens Park Football Club is refilled. This is more than a football club. … Continue reading Chapter 37 – A Christmas Greeting

Chapter 36 – Queens Park Coversazione

The Great Hall erupts into applause. Our motto translates into 'Play for playing’. Our President explains, “We have demonstrated our simple motto to our footballing brethren. Tonight we celebrate our achievements.” Following a delicious starter, Captain Gardner regales Queens Park's unbeaten 5 wins from 5 games. He commends our goalkeeper, “No one has put one … Continue reading Chapter 36 – Queens Park Coversazione

Chapter 35 – Evening Delight Awaits

The hardest of working weeks is over. All the preparation and planning will be richly rewarded tonight. The last item is a gift for Emelia, encompassing my heartfelt gratitude for supporting me through these difficult times. I venture to Scotland's first indoor shopping arcade. One of John Baird's finest creations using Parisian style architecture. The … Continue reading Chapter 35 – Evening Delight Awaits

Chapter 34 – The Great Debate

Our office staff wrap up and stride into the wintry night. Glasgow streets have improved greatly. The Police Board was enacted 4 years ago to acquire and install street lighting. Their speed is awe-inspiring with 10,000 street lights illuminating whichever path you chose across the city. Robert and James, my deputies, come with me to … Continue reading Chapter 34 – The Great Debate

Chapter 33 – A Defining Moment

Moments in life define us. This is a team. We plan, prepare and deliver as one. We win together. We learn together. All eyes bore into the unopened envelope. Emotions have created a thick atmosphere of anticipation.  The envelope is pristine. Gilt edged portraying its importance. I carefully cut through the wax seal and remove … Continue reading Chapter 33 – A Defining Moment

Chapter 31 – Winter Is Coming

A great winter chill has arrived from the East. Additional layers fend off the piercing blades of wind. This day is called Advent. In Latin it means “Coming” and signals the start of celebrations towards Christmas. However there is another event in greater proximity. I hurry along Buchanan Street. The other members of the Sub-Committee … Continue reading Chapter 31 – Winter Is Coming