Chapter 69 – The Noblest Parliamentarian

“John Hampden,”, said George, “was a leading parliamentarian at the centre of the English revolution. In 1637, he stood trial for refusing to pay ‘Ship Money’, a tax levied by the Monarch on the people, without Parliament consent, to build the Royal Navy. Hampden became a national hero for standing up to the King.” ”Five … Continue reading Chapter 69 – The Noblest Parliamentarian

Chapter 68 – Palaces of Westminster

The Great Northern Railway provides comfortable transportation for my adventure to London. Furthermore, I have twelve editions of ‘The Boys Journal’ containing Jules Verne’s new serial, ’Journey to the Centre of the Earth’, to keep me amused. The train enters London’s Kings Cross, where smoke darkens the sky, sweeping me back to the scene of … Continue reading Chapter 68 – Palaces of Westminster

Chapter 67 – Our Insurance Policy

James Hogg and I board the 8am Edinburgh train, providing two hours briefing on the Dean of Guild Contract.  “I have let the team proceed with minimal supervision from me.”, admits James. “This is a tough test, whilst setting up the Edinburgh office.” “James, why do you think I have given you this?”, I asked. … Continue reading Chapter 67 – Our Insurance Policy

Chapter 66 – Southern Football Club

I pull on corduroy trousers, fasten my waistcoat and wool cutaway jacket. The red silk lining is particularly comforting. My pocket watch is tucked in carefully and finish my football spectator’s outfit with a wool cap.  There is a bark behind me.  “As if I would go without you?”, I said to Swissy. “Remember your … Continue reading Chapter 66 – Southern Football Club

Chapter 65 – Letter From Speyside

Swissy lies neatly across my feet providing the best source of heat in the house. His thick Alpine coat of black, gold and white, wraps this two-year-old bundle of energy. Agnes brings the morning paper, tea and a letter with a postmark declaring “Home”.  Dearest Friend,  Thank you for your kind invitation. I will travel … Continue reading Chapter 65 – Letter From Speyside

Chapter 64 – Granville Football Club

The Thompson & French working week is done. Each day’s labour ran late into the evening, where the candles were burnt to their wick’s end, along with the staff’s morale and humour.  Last evening, we headed to a birthday celebration of forty years. Emilia’s friend hosted a grand dinner in the North British Hotel, where … Continue reading Chapter 64 – Granville Football Club

Chapter 63 – Emilia Anne Ure

The extremely busy summer of 1871 has concluded. I spent this week reviewing both Glasgow and Edinburgh’s operations, with Robert making excellent progress in Edinburgh, however, James’ progress in Glasgow is becoming deeply worrying. James and I discussed the threat from Cary & Fortis and the importance of success on the Dean of Guild Contract. … Continue reading Chapter 63 – Emilia Anne Ure

Chapter 62 – Airdrie’s Handling Request

David and I head into the drawing room, where frustration and anger boil over.  “Airdrie challenged us to a game on 22 June 1871, which we duly accepted, and forwarded our match rules.”, said, David. Airdrie’s challenge generated a lot of excitement, nullifying the growing frustration from the lack of external opposition, with only 5 … Continue reading Chapter 62 – Airdrie’s Handling Request

Chapter 61 – Smith & Wellstood

The evening is spent with Mortlach whisky and Henry Smith, Queens Park’s President. Henry, exceptionally articulate and talented, explains the fascinating background to his family business, Smith & Wellstood. “James Smith, my forefather, set off for America at 16 to make his fortune and returned to ship iron fireplaces and ovens into Scotland. He joined … Continue reading Chapter 61 – Smith & Wellstood